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August 31 PM, at the most people can't wait to go off work time, shenzhen LingDian high precision equipment co., LTD., has done a great thing - officially accepted Japan Visco agent certificate, become the brand of domestic agents.

This is the first time that Japan Visco has issued a certificate of agency in China. In order to express the importance, the President of Visco headquarters in Japan came to shenzhen rhomb headquarters in person and presented the full Visco agent certificate to Mr. Longhai-ben, chairman of the diamond electric company. Visco Shanghai general manager tian hatao, Visco shenzhen manager jia zhen, nomura chief, rhomb general manager wu le and huang zhongrong also attended the certificate authorization meeting of the day.
Japan Visco, founded in 2003, has been adhering to the concept of "drawing a rib" and focusing on developing visual image processing technology. After more than ten years of development, now the Visco has grown into the industry's top visual processing system, successfully and widely used in semiconductor, electronic products, daily necessities, medical supplies, and many other fields.
It is because of Visco's expertise and authority that it is particularly prudent to choose an agent. Prior to this, Visco had also chosen to be a domestic agent, but it was the first time that it had formally issued the proxy certificate. It took only half a year for LINDEN to gain the trust and recognition of Visco's brand, which is enough to witness the brand strength of LINDEN group.
In fact, although the visual processing technology is still in the emerging field at home, it has an inestimable development prospect and development value. From the manufacturing industry, with the rapid development of China economy, labor costs are rising, and emerging manufacturing countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the pressure of competition, how to reduce cost, increase production is most companies are urgent to solve the problem. The birth of visual processing system can not only replace a large number of artificial positions, accelerate and improve the automatic production process, but also reduce costs and increase the capacity of enterprises. In addition, new technologies such as face recognition, video monitoring analysis and medical imaging diagnosis have enhanced the demand for visual processing technology. As a result, it is easy to see that the future of the domestic market, will face a lot of visual processing requirements, the LINDEN group is keen found this opportunity, and vision of the introduction of the industry's leading visual processing system to fill the domestic blank.
Longhai running of the chairman, said the current domestic visual processing technology is not very mature, is still mainly rely on imports of foreign system, introduced the LINDEN group Visco say that on the one hand, to fill the gaps in the domestic market, set a new benchmark for visual processing industry, on the other hand also as like Visco mature technology of professional brand provides a smoother landing in the domestic market solutions, help Visco have a better development in the Chinese market, can be said to be a win-win cooperation.
For a long time, LINDEN group has successfully helped numerous excellent brand in the domestic market, Japan and Japan musashi co., LTD, hamamatsu photonics corporation of Japan, Japan water chemical industry co., LTD, Japan's letter, the polymer co., LTD., mechanical engineering co., LTD, big Japanese ink good cooperation of well-known Japanese companies, such as company also creates the LINDEN group excellent reputation and industry reputation. The trust of Visco has been acquired in half a year because of the company's long-term strength and reputation. Visco has also made extremely high comments on LINDEN group.
In the future, LINDEN group will work together with Visco to further expand the application of visual processing system in the domestic market, and create a better performance based on mutual trust, mutual benefit and mutual benefit.


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