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Lingdian High Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and its headquarters is located in Shenzhen, the most technologically advanced city in China. The company is affiliated to the high-tech trade industry and has a wide range of business. It is a leading integrated high-tech enterprise in China. It is the core of the operation to provide technical solutions to meet the needs of the company. It has maintained a good cooperative relationship with many of the top 500 companies.

Strong and powerful, technical support for the "irreplaceable" corporate helper
Fifteen years of development history, as many as more than one hundred elite teams, today's Lingdian has become a mature and stable integrated enterprise, based on cutting-edge technology, with forward-looking strategic vision and strong corporate strength for many The Fortune 500 and industry leaders provide highly technical solutions.

Lingdian started from the electronic dispensing industry and adhered to the hard-working attitude of 'one line and one line'. In a short period of time, it promoted the dispensing equipment of the agent as the benchmark of the industry. Lingdian has therefore become known in Shenzhen. The "Dispensing Solution Service Provider."

With the continuous expansion of the company's development scale, Lingdian has gradually implemented the transformation of its business model, extending from a single agency business to the development of technical requirements. With keen market insight, Lingdian began to seek solutions for the existence of many technological needs in domestic companies, and focused on the Japanese market. The introduction of advanced technology equipment and peer-to-peer point-to-point demand for domestic companies to bridge technical gaps and improve production services The quality is gradually promoted to tailor solutions for domestic customers, to solve technical problems, and to develop customer-oriented products and solve customer needs.

In the past 15 years, Lingpower has not only accumulated strong and solid corporate strength, but also helped countless companies to overcome technical difficulties and made the backward domestic technology in line with international standards. However, Lingdian has become an “irreplaceable” for many domestic companies to expand their technology. Important helper.

Extensively involved, full-time solution experts for technical requirements
At present, the main business of Lingdian has covered many fields such as LED, hard disk, micro-speaker, smart phone, touch screen, semiconductor (IC Encapsulation, MEMS, CMOS), FPD TFT-LCD, medical care, and new energy automotive motors. Provides a complete set of solutions that focus on the needs of customers.

After years of intensive industrial development, Lingpower not only has a keen market sense, but also has a very rapid response capability. It can rapidly explore future market trends, and quickly dock overseas partners according to trends, and introduce relevant technologies to meet the real needs of the domestic market. R & D new technology products. It can be said that Lingdian has always been at the forefront of the technology industry.

Strong and strong, the best channel for multinational brands to land in China
With abundant experience in multinational operations, Lingdian can not only accurately link enterprise technology with domestic demand, but also provide foreign companies with good development channels and platforms so that enterprise technology can be widely promoted in China.

Today, Lingdian has established a nationwide marketing network with a market share of more than 80%. In addition to its headquarters in Shenzhen, branches were established in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Southeast Xiamen, South China Zhongshan, North China Tianjin/Beijing, Northwest Xi’an, Southwest Chongqing, and Shandong Weifang. Based on the successful experience in the Japanese market, Ryoden Electric has further expanded its business strength. The company has established good cooperative relations with many of the world's top 500 companies such as Denso, and has become a global brand of high-tech products in mainland China. An agent.

In the future, Lingdian will continue to intensively cultivate the technology industry and strive to become the benchmark for the operation of China's high-tech trade-oriented private enterprises. While Lingdian continues to grow into an outstanding domestic technology brand, it also aims to help more overseas premium brands enter the Chinese market, introduce better technical resources, and create more advanced technology products to apply to Chinese people’s working life. Happy life.


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